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GRI Bellows Metering Pumps

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The more popular models we carry in stock are:

  • 16001-002-H5-F9-T7
  • 16001-003-H5-F9-T7
  • 16001-004-H6-F9-T7
  • 16001-005-H6-F9-T7
  • 16002-002-H5-F9-T7-F6-T7
  • 16002-003-H5-F9-T7-F6-T7
  • 16002-004-H6-F9-T7-F6-T7
  • 16002-005-H6-F9-T7-F6-T7
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GRI’s Bellows Metering Pumps utilize GRI’s proven bellows and valving technology to provide an accurate and economical metering pump with long life. The proprietary blended polypropylene materials of construction and a wide selection of valve and O-ring elastomers produce chemical resistant pumps capable of handling a wide range of fluids.

Flow Rates: Range from 3.9 ml/min to 3000 ml/min, depending on pump configuration, gearmotor speed and stroke length.

Max. Discharge Pressures: Range from 5 to 50 psi depending on bellows size.

Max. Fluid Temperature: To 140°F (60°C). Reduce pressure rating by 50% for fluid temperatures over 120°F (49°C).

Viscosity/Slurries: Maximum fluid viscosity is 5,000 centistokes. Poppet valves can handle fine slurries. Duckbill valves are recommended for heavy slurries or fibrous materials.

Bellows Metering Pumps were specifically designed for metering applications requiring low discharge pressures.

Bellows pumps have been successfully applied in

  • Chlorinators
  • Photo, X-ray and dental film processors
  • Silver recovery systems
  • Scientific and analytical instruments
  • Wafer and silicon chip washers and processors
  • Detergent dispensers
  • Blood analyzing equipment
  • Industrial floor scrubbers
  • Thermal therapy equipment
  • Waste removal systems
  • Wastewater and water treatment systems



• Repeatability from stroke-to-stroke to ± 0.5%
• Self-priming
• Corrosion resistant
• Long life
• Dry run capability
• No dynamic seals
• Maintenance free operation
• Simple flow adjustment
• Multiple OEM options


Bellows and poppet valve replacement kits:

  • 02501-190    1″ bellows replacement kit
  • 02501-193     1 1/2″ bellows replacement kit
  • 02500-609   poppet valve replacement kit